Concluded Projects

The best way to understand and examine how a company like Suis’state works is to be able to truly look into the projects and mandates it has undersigned and delivered. Here, you will find a few projects within the architectural field and the design field which we have proudly brought to sound completion in recent times.


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Kolinplatz Zug

Right in the historical heart of town and just a few steps away from the old harbour, sits one of the oldest buildings in Zug, dating back to the 15th century. The building has been scrupulously renovated, through the most respectful and highest possible engineering, material and logistic solutions. It now welcomes a wonderfully cut, stately yet truly comfortable private apartment as well as the new headquarters, offices and independent store for high-end luxury goods, offering its team and its special guests luminous, healthy, pleasurable and discrete spaces, in the joys of elegance and calm, relaxed inspiration.

Location Zug, Switzerland
Discipline Architecture, High Security & Interior Design
Program Offices
Archives, Storage
Motive Renovation, Restructuring & Upgrade
Construction period 2010-2012
Gross External Area 510.00 m²

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