About us

Suis’state is a Swiss-based service contractor specialized on building and renovating, sales, lettings and property management. It was created from the life-long experience of a very close group of experts who started collaborating over 30 years ago in the field of lands, properties and architectural design. In the latest years, Suis’state has started operating as a parent company outside the Swiss frontiers, in joint effort with professionals and partner companies located in the different member states. Today, Suis’state is a subsidiary member of the Wealthyard Group, a holding company operating within the high-end luxury industry and the sector of premium real estate.


Please feel free at any time to drop us an e-mail with a few hints on your wishes, specifications or dreams, and we will call you back right away – always with an open mind and door.

Suis’state Ltd
Neuhofstrasse 25, 6340 Baar, Switzerland

Phone +41 41 727 22 68