Concluded Projects

The best way to understand and examine how a company like Suis’state works is to be able to truly look into the projects and mandates it has undersigned and delivered. Here, you will find a few projects within the architectural field and the design field which we have proudly brought to sound completion in recent times.


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Island Kitchen Mykonos

This Island Kitchen was designed and made to measure for a special person who adores cooking the finest dishes from all over the world but likes sheer clean surfaces to hide it all. The result of this spatial challenge was a very modular kitchen that can disappear in itself like a magic cube, adapt itself to any room shape and dimension and can be made to measure easily and flexibly, fitting the most troublesome and smallest kitchen space. Unlike lands and houses, this little property can be easily reproduced upon personal request.

Location Mykonos, Greece
Discipline Design & Engineering
Program Lifestyle
Motive State-of-the-art demand & restrictive space fitting
Construction period 2008

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